Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Everything You Need To Know About Visiting Your PCV

Got a hankering to visit a PCV? Well, before you go, you should know...

  1. Ask the PCV when is the best time to visit. Holidays, school vacays, and summers are usually the best time to crash a PCV's house.
  2. Find out where to fly into and out of...sometimes, one airport is wicked cheap or easier to get to.
  3. Bring stuff - gifts for host families, vacuumed-sealed bacon, index cards - this will save you shipping costs and make a PCV's day.
  4. Find out appropriate attire, weather conditions, and simple dos and don'ts before arriving.
  5. Be prepared for uncomfortable travel, lots of walking, and the occasional downtime moment.
  6. There may be a moment or two where we ask you to do some work. We are PCVs 24/7.
  7. Don't be afraid to chat up local friends, but be aware that a PCV may not always be completely candid with everyone at his/her site. Some things are just best left unsaid.
  8. Remember that the PCV represents the US while in-country. If you are with us, so do you.
  9. Sometimes, there is stuff we cannot do because we are protecting our reputation, but as an outsider you can. Ask the PCV what you can do to help grow the understanding of American culture.
  10. Don't swear too much. Some words do not need translations.
(Löki reserves the right to add more to this list...)