Friday, October 23, 2009

Reach Out and Touch Your (Az) PCV

Got a PCV abroad and wondering how you can reach out and touch them? Just listen up and I'll give you the skinny:
Tap it out: Use AT&T International Texting [link] to contact your PCV. Texts from the US of A to Az cost $.025 a pop ($0.20 to receive). A relatively cheap way to put a smile on a PCV's face!
 Scott D tip: Use biteSMS [link], an "unofficial" iPhone application to save money.

Skype It! Skype To Go Number allows you to call an Az mobile for dimes on the minute.
Löki T tip: My ma calls me once a week for 10 minutes. Not only does make me feel more connected and supported, but it gives me an opportunity to say, "I love you!"

Chat services make the world go round! Use Google Chat, Jabber, AOL, MobileMe, that weird duck program Liana put on my computer... Chatting is free, easy and can often be done while reading online news sources or typing up emails. A PCV's life is a multitasking one.
Liana T tip: Arrange a chat "date" with your PCV! That way, you are talking computer to computer and it is free!
*For Az PCVs, AT&T seems to be the only carrier that carries text messages over this way.