Tuesday, October 6, 2009

One Year Down

Odd that I'm now just mentioning it, but we have passed the 1 year mark. I have now been in Az for 1 year (and some odd days).

You'd think I would have brought more fanfare and attention to this, but, truth be told, I was a bit busy. Firstly, I had VAC (I am a member of the Volunteer Advisory Committee, which I love!). Then, FLEX came up and I was busy working with my youth to prepare them for the different tests and the upcoming interview. After all that, I had the super fortunate luck of being chosen as a member of the Welcome Committee (that's right - when the next group of PCVs arrive - huh...this will have already happened by the time this blog posts...anyway, when they arrive, I - and 5 other PCVs - will have the distinct pleasure of welcoming them to Azerbaijan)...and then after all that...

I wrote this blog.

So...15 more months to go. Woo, hoo.