Monday, October 19, 2009


I am an experimenter. Give me an internet connection, a couple of hours, and no guidelines, and I will come up with some wacky idea that I want to give a whirl.

Good thing, my site mates are those types of people because I don't think just anybody would spend 6 hours coring, juicing, and bottling 25 lbs of apples just for the heck of it.

That's right. My sitemate Amy and I are in the process of making some homemade hard apple cider.

I started this project because another Volunteer mentioned they were partial to hard apple cider, which got me to thinking: Azerbaijan has lots of apples. I could juice a lot of apples for cheap. Hard apple cider would be interesting to make....

And lo and behold, 6 hours of hard pressed work and Amy and I are on our way to our first batch of homemade appley-delicious moonshine. Wish us luck.

Find the recipe at Tor's Hard Cider [link].