Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A New Group

A few weeks ago, I had the distinct pleasure of welcoming in a new crop of PCTs (Peace Corps Trainees for those of you who already forgot the terms!). I remember that moment of flying into Baku, in a solid daze, scared witless and feeling ill prepared for whatever awaited me at the end of the tarmac. Without assuming too much, I am sure this new PCT group is feeling something similar; however, unlike our group, they all got the introduction phase well out of the way. With these new internet wonders, such as Facebook and Blogspot, these cats are already connected. For me, the scariest part was meeting the 60 other Az-bound PCTs. For them, it was a simple, "put a personality to a face" sort of thing.

At any rate, I remember one of the Az5s telling me he had never seen an iPhone. Then, I did not think much about it, but now, I am a little scared that I am going to return to flying cars and laser guns.