Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Visitors

I just received word my blog would receive some special visitors and I thought I would write a quick hello and introduction to Peace Corps, my service, and me! Sorry if this is a repeat for anyone. Think of it as a recap if it gets too...repeative (read annoying).

So...where should we start? Well, let me lay out my blog for you. This should help you and my dad find out all there is to know about me and my stint as a PCV.

Who's Löki? Nome is Home [link] can tell you.

What to know how I got into Peace Corps? Visit The PC Process [link].

Interested in how a PCV lives? Check out The PC Life [link].

How does it feel to be a PCV? I got that in The PC Experience [link].

Got an odd question or two? Frequently Asked Questions [link] may be your best bet.

And finally, how can you show your Löki Love [link]?