Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer Schedule

You probably aren't wondering what I do all day, but I thought I would tell you anyway :)

As winter melted away into spring and spring into this humid, heat-tastic time period some call "summer", my schedule drastically changed. For awhile there, I was pretty lame. As school winded down here, summer activities picked up with a vengeance, but not the traditional, "let's go the Y and swim" activity, but the "let's plant the family's garden so we can eat next winter" activities.

When that stuff got going, students stop coming to my clubs. For the entire month of June, I was a little scared I would spend my summer twiddling my thumbs. Yet, slowly, but surely, students began to call me, wondering when the next club meeting would happen.

Now, I am pretty set. I am even excited to announce that I have a pretty solid project lined up for next fall and my host organization is moving forward on their sewing resource room! Even in the dead-heat of summer, things are a happenin'.