Monday, July 6, 2009

I Like Big(ger) Butts

I always thought that as a PCV, I would lose weight during service and I am not talking about a pound or two, serious poundage was expected to just melt away.

Well, that ain't happening.

I am pretty sure my hiney has gotten bigger. Significantly bigger. It may be the several cups of sugary tea I consume a day or the 3 kilos of potatoes I downed last week, but the point hiney is big(ger)!

Ugh! Well, my newest plan is to run more (or at least start running, again) and to do more ballet (already was doing this, so...I am just going to step it up a bit and do it more).

Hopefully, my hiney strinks. Soon. I cannot walk around with this junk in my trunk. I just can't.