Tuesday, July 14, 2009

3 Sister Dolma

Ever get a hankering for some good ole' down home cooking? A heapin' bowl of mashed taters and fried chicken? Maybe a slab of shepard's pie or a plate full of ooey gooey lasagna? Maybe a boş qabı of üç bacı dolması? Yes? No? Huh?

Üç bacı dolması or 3 sister dolma is a summer treat here in Az. Before I tried my hand at this tasty dish, I craved it with a passion and often would beg my host mom to whip up a batch. Again, that was before I tried to recreate the deliciousness.

Now, I will never beg for it again. Not because I do not find it scrumptious, I do. It is because I now know how much work goes in to preparing it. First you chop the onion. Then you fry the meat (for an eternity). Then you prepare the vegetables (coring, cleaning, boiling, salting). After, you add a bunch of stuff to the meat and then stuff the prepared vegetables. After all that, you cook the entire thing and finally, YOU EAT.

Whew. What work!