Monday, July 27, 2009

Eat Your Heart Out Rachel Ray

I love to cook. I love kitchens. I love kitchen-y gadgets (especially Mango KitchenAid mixers). I would love a Löki-powered meat grinder, but that is besides the point.

Before coming to Az, I was a mild experimenter. I tampered with fried chicken recipes, perfected slow cooked collard greens, and learned how to make ice cream (ironic, I know).

In AK, I had kitchen-y gadgets. I had access to exotic spices (like ginger powder) and necessity ingredients (like cornmeal). In Az, I have fresh veggies, vinegar, and buckets of salt.

Every meal becomes an experiment. You’d think this would get tiresome, but I am loving it. I had never tried lentils before Az (packed with protein and make a great enchilada-base). I had never attempted Ratatouille (delicious with crushed red pepper and served as a cold pasta salad). I never made my own sauerkraut (which is still sitting in my refrigerator).

Ahh...I wonder what’s for dinner. I have a couple of eggplants and some tomatoes...