Thursday, July 23, 2009

Here We Go A Traveling

Summer is the time to travel in Az, not because the awesome public transit system is so easy to navigate, but because PCVs all over Az are engaged in radtacular projects that need the physical presence of other PCVs...


In other words, last week I went to Lənkəran (Lankeran).

It was Sports & Fitness week at my friend Jane's 2nd Annual Yay Kamp. I left Zaqatala Monday morning at 7 a.m. and arrived in Lənkəran 14 hours later. For a country the size of Maine and the heat coefficient of Alabama - it was not the most exciting country traverse I have ever done.

Want to know my route? I went from:

Zaqatala to Xaldan
Xaldan to Göyçay
Göyçay to Hacəgubul
Hacəgubul to Şırvan
Şırvan to Salyan
Salyan to some random village outside of Lənkəran
Some random village outside of Lenkeran to Lənkəran

Uh huh.

At any rate, camp was awesome. I learned a lot and had a fantastic time. I really cannot wait to do a camp in Zaq next summer...right now, I am leaning toward Zee-Art Camp. Pretty witty title if I do say so myself.