Wednesday, December 3, 2008

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Travel books call it the Paris of Azerbaijan, but I disagree. It’s should be called Paradise, because that’s exactly it.
Established in 1929, Zaqatala (pronounced Zagatala) boasts a population of 111,600 including peoples from the 59 surrounding villages. Known for it’s nuts and beautiful women, Zaqatala’s population is the most diverse in Azerbaijan with 26 different nationalities represented within their 23,844 hectares.
Besides the facts, my first impressions of Zaq are ones of complete rapture and awe. This place has got it all. Great history, beautiful architecture, warm and friendly people, and lots of access to green space and great hiking. 
I am so happy I am breaking out into random “Making the Pizza” dance moves (a bit bittersweet without you, Sarah).