Monday, May 12, 2008

My Ride

This blog is dedicated to Stan Morgan and Bering Air.

I am a regular at Bering Air (I am days away from negotiating my own coffee cup at the coffee counter). Over the last 2 months, I have visited 13 villages in the Norton Sound region and all but two of my many here and there flights have been on locally owned and operated Bering Air.

Of course, March and April are not the best times to fly in western Alaska (the weather is at its worst). Luckily, I have only been grounded in two villages (Elim and Diomede). Both times, awesome Bering Air pilots arrived just in the nick of time (that being the point where I have exhausted all options to relieve boredom) and whisked me away. If it weren't for Bering Air's unsurpassed customer service, safety ratings and all around generally neat crew, I would probably still be in Diomede, learning how to line crab and being stalked by polar bears.

Thanks Bering Air (and I will see you tomorrow when I go to Wales)!

(p.s. the island behind the airplane is Russia's Big Diomede)