Sunday, May 4, 2008

KL2KV - That's Me!

Two weeks ago I began studying my tushy off to pass my Technician Class amateur (ham) radio exam. Last week, I passed my exam with flying colors and now I am a new ham radio operator!

Today, I bought my first radio. I have named it Comm (in honor of the "communications channel" in Star Trek).

For those who are interested, my call sign is KL2KV. My dad passed his test over a month ago so we could use it at Topkok. His call sign is KL2JK. The neat thing about Topkok was how we juiced up our radio's battery - with solar panels attached to our tiny cabin's exterior (check out the cabin at Topkok)!

For those who wonder why I went out and became a ham: It is important to stay busy while you wait for the Peace Corps to finish reviewing all your paperwork. My new radio promises to be loads of fun, eats up lots of time, and is a good investment in emergency preparedness. It is the perfect distraction in the "waiting game".

For more information on becoming a ham, visit QRZ.COM.