Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What's That?

disconcerting |ˌdiskənˈsərti ng | |ˈˈdɪskənˈˈsərdɪŋ|

1 causing one to feel unsettled.

2 arriving at a medical establishment to submit a urine sample and having the medical professional ask you (the medically ignorant patient) what an albumin test is.


I was not surprised when this happened in Nome. When it happened at a clinic in Anchorage, the shock blew my Danskos off.

Last week, it took me a total of 2 minutes to find the meaning of albumin. .5 minutes to boot up my computer, 1 minute to check my email, .5 minutes to type "albumin" into Google and scan the available links to find the definition.

Words of Advice: Review your paperwork and google unfamiliar medical terminology. This will save you a bunch of time when you double check your medical professional orders and realize they forgot to request a lab test or when you stumble upon your medical professional pouring over medical publications searching for the meaning of albumin.