Tuesday, April 1, 2008

O! The Stories I Could Tell

I'm back. In one piece (thank the Lord) and with much of my sanity still intact.

I only went a little crazy after the 4th straight day of my dad pumping the Coleman stove promising "this time" the pressure would be high enough for it to light. Eventually (after about an hour or two), he would give up and use his homemade blowtorch to heat the coil up enough for the darn thing to light.


Anyway, it was fun. I had a blast. I want a sled dog.

My next Nome adventure: Getting my HAM License. Without the constant distraction of the HAM (and Dr. Dan Stang), only one of the two member Team Tobin would have walked away from Topkok.

(p.s. I will post pictures of our Topkok adventure soon. We are having trouble finding our camera in the explosion that we used to call the living room. Also, special thanks to Dionne, Ray and Randy for providing additional distractions)