Friday, June 17, 2011

Packing List...Rewind

I remember a time, back in the not too distant past (okay, distant enough), when I was preparing for my Peace Corps service.

I spent at least 14 hours on the interwebs looking for Azerbaijani (Eastern European) PCV packing lists. I was determined to figure out what I should/could bring. I found some things, augmented a few others and came up with this list [link]. A few years (and of course multiple revisions) later and I still think it is a pretty good compilation; however, I would change it up a bit now that I am in my 3rd year...I mean, after several years of language learning (and Löki-explaining), I am all about the bright colors and comfortable (and cute) clothing. I want to dress and look as much like American Löki as safely possible because, let us face it, the goal is not to assimilate but to integrate.

That sounds controversial, but hey. This is my blog.

At any rate...future Peace Corps Persons...ready to pack it in?