Friday, June 3, 2011

A Mission in Review

So, you may have noticed, I don't really jive with the politics or political issues on this blog. I mean, if you know me (and I am assuming at least 39.8% of my readers know me personally), this is really odd.

It is not because I do not follow Azerbaijani news or read American news or debate the inner-workings of Peace Corps normally.

It is because I follow my own set of rules [link]. As much as I think Azerbaijani politics are interesting, the mission of this blog is not Azerbaijani political commentary. Peace Corps is a huge organization and for all my involvement with it operationally, trying to explain to anyone outside the sphere the nuances is difficult. If you think me unpassionate about the US of A, just email me and I will list out for you why I think the Road Map for America leads us all away from America.

So, what is the mission of this blog? Well, this whole post was just so I could tell it to you. My mission is:

To advance the Peace Corps Third Goal by providing insightful and entertaining commentary through weekly blog posts seeking to engage and inform interested parties in the lifestyle and experiences of a Peace Corps Volunteer.

I wrote that myself.