Friday, April 1, 2011

Sometimes You Need A Break

I have noticed that the longer I am a PCV, the more time I need to "get away".

At first, I went a year without so much as a mini-vaycay. Now, whether this was a good decision or not, I did it. I definitely appreciated that month long trip to Thailand, but I do remember worrying about a whole lot of things.

Anyway, next came a six month wait until I headed to Georgia for a week. I am not sure how I made it to six months, but I did and I enjoyed the heck out of that trip.

Then 3 months went by and my friends started leaving. Of course, this caused me to spiral into a seemingly endless pit of despair, which made leaving to anywhere too difficult to attempt.

After that, another 3 months flew by before I headed to Germany to see some fam. Good trip. Good, good trip.

Now, another 3 months and I "snuck" across the border to spend a weekend in Georgia once again. Of course, there was no sneaking about it. I submitted my leave request, waiting the requisite two weeks, and then reserved bus tickets.

And, finally in less than a month, I will be heading home for a long month of relaxation and recharge (yeah right, I am gonna be living it up). point is that breaks are essential to a PCV's mental health. Nobody was meant to work 24/7 for 27 months. It just aint possible.