Friday, April 15, 2011

All "50 Tips in 50 Days" are in!

Over the last 50 days (or so), I have been posting tips for the potential PCV. For a complete list, check out my 50 Tips in 50 days [link] page, but for those who just want some highlights...

Tip 50: Pack a stash of good pens. It pays off to be able to actually write without having to lick the tip of the pen 10 times (tastes gross...).
Tip 46: Don't freak out about that scary, "A decision has been reached regarding your medical review" email. Whoever wrote it really wasn't conscientious of how badly it could be taken...but it don't mean a thing. You're fine. You're fine.
Tip 44: Pack two years' worth of underpants (and socks). Handwashing is hard on clothes and underpants aren't something you want to be picking up in your local bazaar. Plus, they probably won't have your color...
Tip 30: Everybody gets ringworm. It really is not that gross.
Tip 23: I love my REI tin cup and spork.
Tip 14: Your life is now a fishbowl. Get ready for little to no privacy and we ain't just talking about you in your future host community, but you on the 'nets, in the papers, and even the emails you write.
Tip 4: Your Director, Police Chief, Post Office Lady has no idea who you are. Explaining why yourself (and why you are there) over and over again is just part of the process. If you constantly call on Peace Corps HQ, your integration into your new home is going to take forever.
Tip 1: Once you are a PCV, you will always be a PCV (or more accurately, an RPCV).