Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I made Christmas Dinner!

I am officially an adult now: I made Christmas dinner for people who are not related to me.

Yup. That is my barometer of what separates the girls from the women: buying an already roasted chicken and making a bunch of side dishes.


Seriously folks. I did make a Christmas dinner for my 3 site mates (Jane (newbie), Jessica (you know her - link), and Mike [link] AND, I invited my Az bestie, Könül and her ma, Büba.

It was pretty exciting to make a "traditional" Christmas dinner, especially because Azerbaijanis are always asking me what are American national dishes and I always come up with a blank. American national dishes? Does such a thing exist?

Well, after making a big feast, I realize we do have some traditional culinary delights going for us: Mac & Cheese, Parker House rolls, yams, cornbread & apple stuffing, roasted carrots, pumpkin pie, and of course, cookies!

Ah, it was so baraket.