Monday, December 13, 2010

27 Months

So, for those of you who are counting, December 10 was my official COS (Close Of Service) date.

What does that mean?

Well, if I had not extended [link], December 10 would have been my last day in Peace Corps, my 27-months mark.

Instead, I am here for another 13 months.

Huh? That makes no sense (if you count a year as 12 months).

A one month vacation back in the US adds a total of 13 months that I must continue as a PCV before I'm cut loose...which means, my new COS date is sometime in January 2012.

Anyhoo...27 months...geez. A big part of me has no idea where the time went. I feel like I just got here (albeit, I can carry on a conversation in Azerbaijani now). A small part of me feels sort of ambivalent. All the Az7s (and now the Az8s) are jiving with their newest milestone (December 10 marked the one year anniversary of [link] Az7s and Az8s swore-in [link] as Volunteers on December 9th) and I feel well, I feel a bit left out. 27 months is a big milestone, but I don't get a good-bye party [link] or a "congratulations on your 2 years and 3 months of service" sticker.

Nope. I get a flu shot, a dental cleaning, and three days of flu-like symptoms. Definitely not awesome.