Saturday, August 7, 2010

Summer Camps

My first summer day-camp experience in greater 'Baijan was spending a week at Jane's Lankeran marathon-like two month long day camp series [link]. I remember the 14 hour bus ride, battle the mosquitos, and learning that several PCVs had changed their names to things like Mario and Luigi.

A year later (and after my own day-camp attempt), I had the wonderful opportunity to head down to Bilasuavar to help a friend during his two week long day-camp. Only my second time "down south", I quickly learned two very important things: 1. Down south is ridiculously hot; and, 2. Zaqatalalilar (the people of Zaqatala) have a very different accent than the rest of the country.

Even with all the frustrating miscommunications (and flat out non-communication), I had a great time, both with Jon H. and the kids. Day-camps are awesome in so many ways...