Thursday, May 20, 2010

National Dishes

It never fails to come up in conversation, the subject (or lack there of) of American national meals.

In Az, I have come to realize that almost every meal is considered, "national". They've got their dolma, their ash/plov, their küfta, their xash...and so on and so on and so on.

So, what do we got in the big bad US of A? Do hamburgers count? I think those are sort of national. What about squash dishes? Hey, maybe we could count chow mein. I think an American invented that.

I mean, that's sort of my point. America, the big melting pot, hasn't come up with a truly "American" meal. We do have ethnic meals down to a science though and last I heard, fusion was the "it" buzz word.

Anyway, what do I say to Azerbaijanis when they ask me to describe the American national foods?

Well, I try to say all that (see above), but normally, I just fall back on old stand-bys. For me, I think anything in Alaska could be considered a National meal. That's why, when I wanted to say, "thanks for all the awesomeness," to my friend Könül's family, I made burritos. It ain't National, but it sure was delicious.

PS Thanks Leysika for the sous chefing!