Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Making Meghan Work on Christmas

Originally, this blog was going to be called, "The Awesomest Thailand PCV Ever, Eh," but I promised a certain PCV I would keep it easy on the ehs.

Anyway, I think this title is better. It pretty much says it all...after a brief excursion into Bankgok, Meghan and I headed toward Isan (Issan, Isann...however it is spelled) to visit a Thailand PCV and learn a little bit about what it is like serving in Thailand.

We had a great time.

I am still warmed by the reception we received, the people we met, and the generally awesome company we held. Our brief time in Isan gave us a great insight into the beauty and uniqueness of Thailand and allowed us to experience something very few people get to see: an untouched and untouristed-out Thailand.

Thank you Tony, Sherri, and everyone who hosted us, taught us to fish, and opened their hearts.

Unrelated, did you know eh was spelled with an e h? I always thought it sounded more like an a y.