Sunday, June 7, 2009

Getting into the Groove

I love kitchen experimentation. Anything I can do while wearing my bright orange apron is A.O.K in my book! Just the idea of trying out some fun recipe I found on the internet and seeing if I can actually make it work gets me going for at least a week.

And what makes kitchen experimentation great is living in a country where everyone does it! That's right, Az is the land of fermenting, canning, and substitutions! Although, I loved living with my host family as I got a personal view of great kitchen creations, I am ecstatic to now live alone and be trying things out on my own!

So, what did I make this week? Sauerkraut! That's right. I pulverized some cabbage and it is now sitting under my stove (fermenting and not rotting I hope).

If you get an opportunity, try making a batch yourself. There is nothing like wacking* the heck out of some cabbage to take the edge off a bad day (or make a spectacular end to a great day).

1 medium head of cabbage
1 medium glass jar

Thoroughly clean glass jar (used boiling water). Chop cabbage as you would for coleslaw. Place a layer of cabbage into the jar. With the bottom of a spoon, pulverize cabbage. Sprinkle on salt. Continue adding cabbage and pulverizing (with a sprinkle of salt between each “layer”) until jar is full. Liquid should coverage cabbage; however, it is okay to add a little water.
*You can use a food processor.