Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Toyin' It Up

A few weeks ago, I had the ultimate Az experience. I went to my first toy.A toy is the party portion of the wedding.

Weddings in Az are a big deal. They provide the best excuse to get gussied up and party utill you drop. They also allow you to eat the best darn food you will ever taste. I don’t know why we haven’t picked this tradition up in America, but move over cardboard catering and hello deliciously prepared treats.

The food portion of a toy lasts almost as long as the dancing. For me, we made it through six hours of white fish, salad, vegetables, chicken kebab, sheep kebab, beef kebab, caviar, plov, ice cream, cake, tea, salmon, and fruit. We also danced to every song and talked to every visiting family member.

It was awesome.