Sunday, April 26, 2009

Did I write that?

This past week Az6 West had IST.

What is IST you ask?

Well, it stands for In-Service Training. The idea is that after about 6 months in country, we new PCVs are going to have some questions. We also need follow-up immunizations and a bit of time to decompress and evaluate the last 4 months of service.

On the first day of training, staff passed out very familiar pieces of paper - our Aspiration Statements. Written before we left the comforts of our American homes, these 5 questions covered everything from service aspirations to adaptation and copying skills.

Of course, mine reads like a job application. Lots of five dollar words and “I” statements. It is scary how little I knew before I came to Az. It is frightening how much I think I know now and it is unnerving to know how much more I have to gain from this experience.