Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bayramımız Mübarək: Dağa Piyadə Getmək

Even better than geting away is coming home! Even better than returning home is visiting friends! Even better than coming home and visiting friends is coming home to visiting friends!

After my trip to Şəki (Sheki), I was elated to find that Jesse (remember him from PST?) had decided to make the 6+ hour trek from his site (way down south) to my site.
During his visit, J and I joined my other site mates on a mountain trek to castle ruins outside the village of Muxax. The day was absolutely beautiful and the company was fantastic. The only downfall? Me. I took a bit of a tumble and busted my leg (check out that radtacular bruise) - but don’t worry Ma. It was worth it.