Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Seeds, Seeds, and Goodness More Seeds

I have never been a big fan of sunflower seeds. Even my host family knows my thoughts on these little buggers as whenever someone pulls out a bag, my 7 year old host bro is quick to announce that “Löki doesn’t like seeds. She thinks it’s a lot of work for very little food.”

And it is. Shelling ‘em takes all my focus and half my energy. My rate of getting an intact seed about 1 to 7. More often than not, I drop the whole darn thing on the floor after struggling to break the shell into two equal halves.

It is not my favorite past time.

Unfortunately, it is the favorite past time of Azerbaijan. A popular summer activity is walking and seeding. Even better, squatting and seeding. Everybody does it. I am going to do it (it is a great way to meet people), I just am not going to enjoy the seeding part too much.

Too bad mowing down on pre-shelled, chocolate covered sunflower seeds isn’t in. I would totally rock at that.