Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bayramımız Mübarək: Kiş

I love spring break! I really love the Novruz version of spring break. First, I attended a wicked sweet party in Zaqatala. Second, my friend Lucy invited me to Şəki (Sheki) for a celebration with her family. Third, I got to start a new blog category, entitled: Places to Go!

And why did I start this new category? Well, while I was in Şəki, Lucy, Carly, and I decided to do a little trekkin’ in the village of Kiş (Kish). Located 30 minutes north of Şəki, Kiş sits on a mountain side and couldn’t get any more beautiful if it tried.

About 45 minutes outside of Kiş is a great set of castle ruins known as Gələrsən Görərsən.

An easy hike, the view is well worth the trek and the confusion directions.