Sunday, March 22, 2009

Month 3: Does Anyone Know What I Do?

So, if I gave an opened-ended test to all my readers, would you be able to describe what it is I do...

Probably not.

And that is not your fault, that’s mine. I have been a bit mysterious about my jobie-job.

So, in the spirit of transparency, here’s a break down, yo:

I am Youth Development Volunteer. There are approximately 25 YD Volunteers in Azerbaijan. I am a member of the second YD group to be placed in-country, which means, this is the second year of the Az YD program.

Az YD has 3 goals. 1: Work with youth (ages 14-25) 2. Work with youth service providers 3. Work with businesses and agencies that can impact youth. To accomplish these goals, there are several objectives; however, the program is flexible enough that any idea you have (or your youth have) usually hits the nail on the head.

And since I am still relatively new to this country, my projects have yet to really gain any speed. Currently, I conduct several English practice clubs for school-aged and college-aged students, I am co-facilitating the development of a Az Scout troop, I am assisting a local youth group write a grant, I am planning the curriculum for a FLEX preparation club, and I am writing two funding proposals for projects that will happen this summer.

I am also searching for independent housing and taking tri-weekly Azerbaijani language classes.

Yup, that's about it.