Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Top 15 for Under 15

Okay guys, I am at it again. Remember that list I made last time I was in Nome for National Literacy Day? The Top 50 Books A High School Student Should Read Prior to College [link]? Well, since I have been hanging out in Nome, I decided to read all 7 Harry Potter books in 7 days (not the smartest idea I have ever had, but...). I love reading - I think it is the best thing on the planet and I fear that the last few months I have put my pleasure reading on hold. Now that I gots some time, I hit up our local library and who did I run into but the librarian?! Twenty minutes later I had agreed to write up a list of young adult books (YA) that were appropriate for young young adults. If I can inspire some young kid to pick up a book this summer just by helping our library meet their reading needs...then...awesome.

So...what better place to figure out the best list for young people than my blog? So???

What are the top 15 books for youth under the age of 15? Leave me a comment with your list! Let's get us some summer readin' going on!