Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Then & Nome

Tonight I leave for Alaska.

Well, really I leave for Baku and in a few days I will be in Alaska, but practicalities, practicalities.

Anyhoo. The pictures are from me then and me now.

Weird huh? As part of an extension (a year or more), a PCV is entitled to a one-month trip back home. This is why my extension is 13 months and not just 12.

Normally, or usually, or I really have not stats for this so...anecdotally, extending PCVs take their year home at the 27-month mark. I chose to wait it out a bit because (1) I needed to finish up my MA degree so I could go home to walk at my graduation ceremony and (2) I needed to make sure a full year was exactly what I wanted to do.

Who was I kidding? I was always going to extend for a full year, but I think I liked pretending that there was an option...

Okay, back to my point - so, I am going home. I have not been there since September 2008. I am returning as...a...who knows. Who knows what it is going to be like. Last week, I was so excited I could not concentrate on lighting my stove. Today, I am so apprehensive that I kind of want to call up Peace Corps and tell them I have changed my mind.

Geez...this post is kind of ramble-ie.

Anyway, get ready for posts about being home, aptly entitled, "To Nome and Back".