Thursday, May 19, 2011


So, they tell me that I will not start the true readjustment until I am at home (and staying in one place) for more than a few weeks, but let me tell you - the mini-adjusting I have had to do to just travel through the US is ridiculous. Case in point:

  • My bowels are constantly screaming in protest. Why are our portions so big and our food so deliciously rich?
  • Why does it feel so weird to sit in the front seat?
  • Seriously. No town in Alaska is walk-able.
  • Maybe my stomach hurts all the time because Alaska came out with a White. It is delicious by the way (code used for a reason folks...).
  • Do people need to be so loud and group in such large numbers everywhere? It makes me nervous.
  • WHY DOES FRED MEYERS HAVE 18 DIFFERENT TYPES OF APPLE JUICE. I just want normal, plain apple juice. Why is that so difficult?
  • $15 dollars for a hamburger and fries? Even Baku is not that expensive.
  • Coffee is still delicious.

Just being home for a short while has put everything into a weird circular spin downward. I am anticipating going home (to Azerbaijan) and having a mini-crisis/break-down as I now have no life direction (over dramatic, I know). Do I return to Alaska? Should I stay overseas? Can I find a job that pays cash money? Is soy really that bad for me?

So many questions...and I am answerless. So, I am taking suggestions now (only feasible, awesome suggestions please).