Friday, November 19, 2010

Thank You

I've recently gotten into creating custom iTunes playlists and decided that a Thanksgiving playlist would make me feel happier about the upcoming season and the eventual departure of all my Az6 peps.

It didn't, but that's because, does anybody know of a Thanksgiving-centric song? Seriously. Do they even exist?

Actually, the actual playlist had nothing to with it. A few hours ago, I was listening to Thank You by Dido (Thanksgiving-y) and I just kept replaying my final hug from Emma [link] and thinking how hard the next few months will be.

And then I realized, this ain't a time to be sad! This is a time to be thankful. It is a Thanksgiving playlist after all.

So, to set my mood in the right direction, let me tell you what I am thankful for:
Besties. RPCVs, Alaskans, one specific Dominicana, and of course, one eccentric DaddyLew;
Memories. Bacon-pushing, Dive-bombing seagulls,Interventions;
Family. Older sisters and brothers, cousins' twitter accounts, and former Girl Scout leaders;
Sisters who work at Apple (and iTunes accounts);
Friends. Dictionaries & pasta machines, emails written without return key hits, YouTube suggestions;
UAF professors & staff.
The color orange and antimatter.