Monday, November 22, 2010

Qurban Bayramı or Eid al-Adha

I just decided I am going to start a new label entitled, Islam Ed. This is the old "Ramazan 2010" label and now, like any good resolution, will focus on us continuing our journey of Islam education.

This week, we be talking about Qurban Bayramı.

In Arabic, Qurban Bayramı is called Eid al-Adha or the Festival of Sacrifice. It signifies when God commanded Abraham (İbrahim) to sacrifice his son Ishmael (İsmail) and at the last moment, when Abraham proved he really was gonna do it, God gave a ram to be sacrificed instead.

Yeah, it's a pretty intense holiday. Two days ago, I saw a Lada [link] filled to the brim with sheep skins. That set me back a step.

Anyway, like last year, I again visited my friends in the village and enjoyed a delicious meal, wonderful conversation, and went home arms full of bounty. Personally, Qurban Bayramı is one of my favorite holidays in Az, but then again, I am partial to sheep meat :).

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