Monday, September 27, 2010

blah. blah. blah.

So, if you've talked with me in the last few weeks, you know I am going through a, "blah." phase.

Uh. Why am I blogging about this? [I've the strong opinion that my blog is not the place to complain.]

Because, it all has to do with my year extension.

That is right. My extension is making me depressed. Follow me on this:

Extending is awesome.

  • You feel empowered because you know exactly what the stitch is for the next year. There are few surprises and your path is pretty well laid out in from of you.

On the other hand, extending hurts.

  • You miss your COS (Close of Service Conference). 
  • You suddenly realize there is no way your going to be able to say good-bye to everybody. 
  • The good-bye process isn't one day, but dragged out over months as all your fellow PCVs travel to say good-bye. 
  • Everybody is talking about their next step or "when they return to America" and you're still talking about finding aluminum foil in your bazaar. 
  • You realize your support network is peace-ing out. Nobody but nobody is in the same place as you are.

So. I am in a bit of a blah. phase. I am still going forward. I just feel like I am plowing through molasses to do it. I think it is pretty normal though. Any major life decision doesn't always go down smooth.