Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Word to Prospective Az7


I know, I know. It is hard. A year ago, I was were you are. I worried. I planned. I packed and then re-packed. I drove my dad and friends nuts talking about what to expect, my expectation, problem scenarios, possible outcomes, future plans...

You have no idea what this experience is going to be like. You can't. You may try to plan for contingencies, for the future, but you can't. You may end up loving it here. You may end up hating it. You may get married. You may ET. You may get medically separated. You may get sat upon by an elephant.

You will get here and you will either have everything you need or your mom will have to send you more socks. You will bring your favorite camera and then leave it at the airport. You will bring a cell phone and then realize you never had it unlocked.

It will all work out. Enjoy your time at home because in 6 months, you will be missing flush toilets.