Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Meet Donny (He's Leaving)

A veteran who loves experimenting in the kitchen (we are talking Dude Delight), can scan Nascar highlights while simultaneously reading current events, and out hikes even the most dedicated naturalist, D-Man is the man. Not only was he the pioneering YD Volunteer in Zaq, but he is also my bestie, my go-to-guy, my I’m-having-a-really-crappy-day-and-you-brightened-it-by-making-spaghetti friend.

And he is leaving.

Yup. D is going back to America. Not only is his time up, but I think D is ready for a new challenge. He’s mastered Az and now it is on to bigger and better things (like overcoming post office patiencelessness and mailing me a box).

Bye D. I am already missing you.