Saturday, August 22, 2009

How Well Do You Know Your PCV?

What should you send a PCV?
A. A set of guitar strings
B. A tub of high fructose corn syrup Jiffy Peanut Butter
C. A homemade beer tasting kit
D. All of the above (and throw in some extra dark, orange flavored chocolate)
If you chose D, then you know me...but what about your PCV? Sending packages to PCVs is hard. There are tons of weird, unsaid rules:
Don't send useless crap (it is useless and we we feel bad throwing it into the mismanaged trash pile).
Send pesto packets, taco seasoning, curry mixes - but only the ones I like.
Don't send risqué magazines or books. It makes us look bad (and they will probably be confiscated).
Send vacuum sealed tuna and salmon and throw in a couple handfuls of beef jerky.
Don't send seeds. They will be confiscated.
I really did not need that ginormous sweater you sent, even though I wear it everyday.
Confused yet? When in doubt, send something we can't get here, we can eat, and we can share with friends.

Thanks for the kit Sara!