Sunday, November 23, 2008

My First Song! (Well, sort of...)

So, making things rates #1 on my list of fun things to do with down time. In starting this PC adventure, I knew carting along my sewing machine or a couple dozen mason jars was probably not conducive to my new minimalist lifestyle.

So, with the help of my awesome friend Sarah H., I re-picked up the guitar with the hopes of guitar playing becoming one of my creative hobbies in AZ.
Unfortunately, I had to leave my guitar at home. Thus, one of my priorities has been to find a guitar store. Last week, that priority was finally met and I picked out a (cheap) beauty!

I am still waiting to name my new Extreme guitar (I named another PCT’s guitar, so by rights, he gets to name mine), but over the past week, I’ve been jammin out. I even dreamed up my first chord progression: Am, E, Dm, Am7, E7, Am. First three chords get 4 beat, the next two get 2 beats and the pattern ends on the final Am. Personally, I’m using the neat strumming pattern Arlo H. taught me!