Monday, July 11, 2011

The Girl's Wedding

As previously mentioned [link], this month we are taking about Azerbaijani weddings.

So...did you know that the bride and groom have their own weddings?!

Yup. That is right. As a bride, you get two (TWO) parties to celebrate the momentous occasion of marriage. At the girl's wedding (a few days before the boy's), the girl wears a colored dress, enjoys the company of her family, and smiles, a lot. She then goes back home and prepares for the boy's wedding which will happen in a couple of days. The boy's wedding is a much more traditional affair, complete with white dress, red sash, and no smiles. The girl does not go home after this party. Instead, she starts her life as a married woman.

Last week, I went to a girl's wedding. My friend, Ş, wore a lilac dress and smiled up a storm. I wore a black dress and sat a lot because I had recently hurt my Achille's tendon in a tiger-street fighting accident (actually, it is not so dramatic and a much longer story).

The best part about this wedding? I got to MOW DOWN. U.S. wedding food has got nothing on Azerbaijani weddings. We are talking at least 5 courses of salads, meats, kebabs, and special wedding rice pilaf.

For this wedding, my friends and I arrived at 6 p.m. and stayed until about 11 p.m. Food started arriving at 7 p.m. - so..that is about 4 hours of foodage. Mix in toasts and dances every six minutes or so and you got yourself an Azerbaijani wedding. Oh yeah, do not forget the 10 decibel tar-centric music.