Thursday, May 7, 2009

Reading Things I Never Would Have Read Before

Down time is a real kicker in the Peace Corps.

If you think about it, vast amounts of down time are obviously a by-product of Peace Corps service. Of course, nobody who enters the Peace Corps really thinks about it all that hard. Thus, when you get to site and spend a few days staring at your wall, your normal tolerance shifts to, “give me anything to relieve the boredom.”

That’s how I started reading Eragon (laugh now Tom). At first, it was something to give my head a break between Oil and Black Garden (highly recommended for parents of Az PCVs). Of course, I had nothing better to do but go on a week long crusade to find the remaining Inheritance series books.

And my only comment is: really? I really am reading a book about: A boy. A dragon. A WORLD of adventure.