Monday, September 12, 2011

It's Not Easy Being Green

One thing most, if not all, PCVs agree on is plastic bottles.

Huh? What? How can you agree on plastic bottles? Don't worry. I am gonna tell you.

Living overseas, you go through a lot of plastic bottles. Be it a quick (read: safe) drink of water or a shot of caffeine, a PCV's day is drowned in plastic bottles. Of course, we all cart around our handy-dandy Nalgenes and Sigs, but when push comes to shove, a plastic bottle comes out.

For me, this summer has been no different. I start each day out with four glass liter bottles full of chilled H20, only to have guests and others bring in a half dozen Coke, Fanta, and qazsiz water bottles each day. I try to reuse the bottles, save them, plan activities with them, etc, but eventually they all end up in the trash. For a while, I was planning on making a window sill garden and using the remaining bottles to store preserved grape leaves, but after the 40th bottle showed up, I had to stop collecting.

Plastic bottles are the bane of my existence. I try really hard to just drink recovery formula from my Nalgene, but I get that hankering for Qax Su and I cannot help myself...

So, here is my question I pose to you all - help me out! What should I do with all these plastic bottles?