Friday, March 11, 2011

Still Side Tracked

Yeah. I know I know. I am slacking here, but it is for a good cause - or at least I hope it will be for a good cause.

Anyway, here is a picture from International Women's Day [link]. A pretty big holiday here (business closes, schools let out, flowers are given), most Azerbaijanis are dang surprised when I tell them this ain't a big deal in the US. I cannot tell you how many Azerbaijani jaw droppings I got, always accompanied by the phrase, "but it started in America!"

Well, what can I say? I haven't had the pleasure of celebrating International Women's Day in the US, but who knows. Maybe this will be one of those cultural things I bring back. It will probably have a little bit of a twist to it though. Here, even though it's Women's Day and every son is sent out to buy his ma flowers, mothers and daughters still work their hineys off doing house work...

I would gladly trade dishes for flowers :)