Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lew Tobin was here.

Whew. I would stay that was a world-wind of a visit, but it was a little over 14, I guess I really cannot say that. Well...I guess you could say that about my bedroom, but hey, what do you expect when 2 people share 50 square feet of space.

So, for those of you know didn't know, my dad came to visit and of course, it went like any normal Tobin visit. Arrival times got confused (my dad chilled at the Az airport for 2 hours because we got his departure and arrival times mixed up), the local news channel wanted to interview us (talk about improving my language skills! I translated the whole darn thing!), my dad's passion for beets ended us up with a 10 gallon bucket of borscht. Of course, this was all in-between the constant tea drinking, the cramped travel, and the billionth asking of, "Are you sure this is your father? You look nothing like him."

Still, it was a fun trip. I got to eat two real hamburgers and am the proud new owner of a huge metal pot. Now...on to guilting my sister into visiting.