Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Daily Show

Interested in the daily life of Löki? Check out this wicked sweet schedule:
8ish - Wake up and get dressed
8:30ish - Breakfast with host mom*
8:45ish - My host mom* gives me chocolates for the day!
8:50ish - Begin my 10 minute power walk to the local school
9 to 1 p.m. - Language lessons
1 to 2ish - Walk home for lunch with host mom*
2ish - Return to school or head to YD hub site
2:30ish to 5ish - Conversation Clubs or YD workshops
5:30ish - Return home and have tea and cookies!
6ish to 8ish - Study and/ or ballet conditioning or power band stretching
8ish - Dinner or tea and cakes with host brother
9:15ish - Bed

*I call my host mom and dad brother and sister. They also have a son I also call my host brother.