Friday, June 6, 2008

Reach Out & Touch Someone

Since Wednesday, I have been floating on cloud 9 and no wonder, I am about to embark on an incredible adventure that will surely be a life changing experience! In all my excitement, I forgot to check MyToolKit to see what new things were posted. I was elated to find a PDF entitled Staying In Touch: Peace Corps Family and Friends. This handy document explains how you (my family and friends) can contact me while I am serving and how you can make your eventual (yup, eventual) visit to my service site.

This document could not have come at a better time as Aggie had asked me how she was going to contact me while I was PCing. Using the wonders of my Google Account, I posted a copy of the document on my Google Docs' page. If you want it, click the link below!

Staying In Touch